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Although it is the desire of many people, especially women, a steady weight loss can be a sign that something is wrong. And 'well then investigate


Kyle Leon  - One of today's most common obsessions is that of thinness. Women young and old, but increasingly also men, they do everything to succeed in losing their excess pounds. Almost all, in fact, they are happy just can see that the needle of their balance has dropped more than necessary, without considering, however, that sometimes a sudden drop in body weight can be instead a signal anything but positive.

From the medical point of view in fact, when the weight loss (considered as a weight reduction of 10 percent or 15 percent of ideal weight) takes place in a time too quickly and steadily, it means that something is it goes.

Customized Fat Loss by Kyle Leon - If thinness comes in conjunction with a diet that you are following, this should not, however, justify a decrease overweight than expected.

Where, however, without the presence of obvious causes, you lose more than two pounds in the space of just nine or ten days, and the phenomenon continues over time, it is good to get suspicious.

In all these cases, you must consult a doctor to undergo a thorough examination and, when necessary, even for laboratory analysis (both blood and urine) times to make a picture of the overall health of the body and, if is the case, to investigate the activity of the thyroid gland,that if he works in excess can cause a sudden weight loss.


During the years when the spring or the summer come suddenly with intense heat waves, or a change in temperature is not indifferent, it can happen to lose your appetite for some time.

Customized Fat Loss - Nothing serious, but in this case it is best to try to keep "fresh" as possible and to feed with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

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Often sudden weight loss is caused by factors not severe and that maybe are repeated many times throughout their lives